Frequently Asked Questions

I have smoked too much. What now?

We’re sorry to hear that you are not feeling good! Try to buy some “Dextro” sweets from your local store. Any food/drink with a lot of sugar will do the trick.

Try to consume a lower THC product next time. Know what you smoke!

Are there any costs?

The app is completely free of charge. We are for educational purposes only.

The weed I bought is not good. How do I get my money back?

Unfortunately we can’t help you with that. Try to look up the strain in our APP before buying it next time. Shops do not do refunds.

All the shops seem closed. Where can I get weed?

All our dispensaries have regular closing hours. This means that usually when one is closed, others are as well.

Buying after this time is illegal and dangerous. You never know what the dealers are selling, don’t risk it!

Will the shop tours be free?

Yes. All the services in our app are free. Be part of the community and show some love by participating!

What is the best shop?

One can not simply say this is the best shop. Where one likes weed, the other likes hash. Then there is a lot of other variations, like are you going for a takeaway or are you staying for a few drinks?

Check out the top rated shops in our APP to see what the Community thinks!

Is it legal to smoke outside?

No! Depending on your location, it’s usually illegal to smoke outside. 

Although there are some countries and states where you can smoke – these will be indicated.

How many grams can I carry on me?

This depends on your location. In the US it is very normal to buy an Ounce, but in Holland the maximum is 5 grams.

There are also countries that do not allow the possession of cannabis, where it’s only legal to smoke in members-only clubs.

Where can we go with a big group?

There are many shops that offer enough spacing for big groups. Download the app and look in the shop description!

Is it legal to take my weed back home?

No, it’s strictly forbidden to bring back any cannabis you have bought on your visit. Always leave your products behind!

Can I drive after smoking?

No, it’s illegal to drive after consuming cannabis. You’re driving under influence, don’t risk it!